The Cris Secrets

We’ll pass on to all of our readers the details of one of the many interviews conducted with the models, represented by The Golden Models agency and that we will be publishing periodically.
On this occasion it will be Cris, a high-class model, from the city of Ibiza, who clarifies all our doubts and curiosities about the “taboo” world of companions.

The Golden Models: At what age did you begin to entertain the idea of ​​entering this “little world”?

Cris: It was casual because at the age of 24, a friend and co-worker at a multinational fast food company, where we both worked as waitresses, told me about her way of obtaining extra income through having dates with strangers.

The Golden Models: What motivated you to finally agree to have such dates with strangers?

Cris: Initially I was struck by the high level of life that my friend was leading, but the biggest motivation to make that decision was how badly valued and remunerated I felt at work, so over time I decided to talk to her. I asked her about my curiosities and she gave me her opinion, if she believed that I could have conditions for dating as she did, and if not, then at least she was determined and would be able to try once, to see that I was going

The Golden Models: How would you define or explain the sector of high-class company girls?

Cris: To begin I would like to clarify that the companions, we are more workers in the service sector, as it can be a masseur or a psychologist, we provide a service that goes from the company to the limits that each one considers appropriate, in exchange of financial compensation.

The Golden Models: We imagine that you have in mind the negative and contemptuous form of many people when evaluating this lifestyle, what do you think?

Cris: Yes, although I would not say that many people have a bad concept of this sector, rather it is a problem of ignorance and hypocrisy, there is much talk about ignorance or victimization, talking about this sector with an exploitation-based approach of women, as they sometimes do on television programs in search of an easy audience, since in exceptional cases they want to make the general rule and this is not the case. I and the vast majority are victims only of those who do not respect this way of life. I have had the opportunity to work with agencies all over the world and I have known countless girls … and all have freely decided to enter this way of life. And I go further in my evaluations because what I do, it seems to me an exploitation, is to work in a multinational for an unworthy salary, which in the current times is lucky enough to pay rent and food, but of course that is what They sell us on television and in the press as an optimal lifestyle, to be an exploited mileurist, passing a thousand needs to make ends meet, as I have been working for several years to survive. Well, I’m not interested in working to pass needs, renouncing a minimum quality of life and no possibility of progress. Me and many others who think similar to me, we left the script to follow, and maybe that’s what we do not like.

Cris Model


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The Golden Models: What do you value about your current profession or what would you like to highlight?

Cris: Mainly, because of the possibility that it gives me to feel fulfilled, to be able to improve myself and achieve goals. Starting from that as it is normal all work requires an effort or sacrifice the difference was that in my previous professions that sacrifice did not compensate, I could never afford a decent vacation, but since I am in the dating sector I have known many countries, I have visited the best gastronomic places of the cities I have visited … And for me the beauty and the pleasures of life are in experiencing, discovering, knowing …

The Golden Models: What would you say to those who do not have the same vision as you of this profession?

Cris: Respect, exactly the same that I have for those who think differently from me. I would also add that, in general, men do not think so bad about this world, as some of them sometimes want to suggest, quite the contrary, since they are the main users of these services. Here we enter again into the brutal hypocrisy that surrounds us. And as far as women are concerned, I have explained enough to add, I do not need to convince anyone, we can not all think the same, or the supply in the sector would collapse, with the damages that hahaha would bring me … it’s a joke simply better to bring humor to life.


The Golden Models Agency appreciates the collaboration, sincerity and attitude shown by the model throughout the conversation. With this type of publications we may have the opportunity to approach another focus (another truth) of the dating industry, and understand a little more, that philosophy of life of the companions.

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  • By Raffaele 3 years ago

    I didn’t want to wake up from this dream
    It was my first date with this escort who I contacted by phone and we agreed on some details, which made it easier to break the ice of the from the start, from her first visit to my apartment. She was a very nice girl, with a picaresque that went from less to more.. she reciprocates good treatment and then it’s she who takes the reins for a magnificent encounter and a loving elevation with the tempo. During some moments sweet and tender, at times mischievous, and other moments, wild.. well-understood versatility. Frantic pace, forced landing.. A girl to treat with elegance and delicacy, and you will in return will get great affection, passion and everything that she’s capable of giving. Very attentive to details, and it is encounters like this that make me feel fortunate to be able to afford this type of experience.

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