About Sadie

A lady of balanced proportions can be very attractive and exciting, especially when combined with full lips and a provocative and sensual smile. This escort stands out for her picaresque and her capacity for seduction, is a lover who likes to surrender and who loves nothing more than to enjoy the most beautiful and hidden pleasures.

If you want to become the star of your romantic novel you just have to decide and make an appointment, and she will start writing the first chapters…

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The Profile of Sadie

Age: 23
Nationality: Spanish
Height: 168cm / Weight: 56kg
Stats: Bust: 85cm / Waist: 57cm / Hips: 84cm
Eyes: Green / Hair: Black
Availability: Local & International
Languages: English / German / French / Spanish

The Preferences of Maureen

Perfumes: Chanel
Travels: Venice
Cuisine: Fish and Seafood / Drinks: Champagne and Liqueur
Clothes: Cavalli / Lingerie: I.D. Sarrieri / Shoes: C. Louboutin
Books: Edge of Eternity
Music: Bruno Mars

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CALL ME: +34 674 51 18 62

WHATSAPP: +34 674 51 18 62

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